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Commercial Loss

11/13/2018 (Permalink)

When your commercial property is struck by disaster, SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike is here to help. If needed, working with our other SERVPRO locations, allows us the capability to handle any loss, large or small.

The rehabilitation facility pictured here, is one of our recent commercial mitigation jobs. Shortly after the call came in that their sprinkler system had gone off in the middle of the night, our crews were on site beginning the mitigation process. After clearing the area of any debris, setting up over a hundred pieces of equipment, being on site daily to monitor and make any changes needed, the job was expedited and completed and business was able to return to normal and their priority of servicing their patients!

If disaster strikes your business, remember to call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike at 216-464-8898

Mold Growth

11/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Growth Mold growth under a baseboard

Mold in your home can be a serious issue and one that you need to have taken care of as soon as possible. Call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike @ 216-464-4498 to schedule an appointment.

The mold remediation process depends on the surfaces which mold appears. Specialized cleaning procedures which may include the use of HEPA vacuums, air filtration systems and antimicrobial treatments are used to reduce mold within the affected area.

Removing and disposing of mold infested porous materials such as drywall and flooring may be a necessary part of the mold remediation.

Important measures are taken to prevent the spread of mold spores during the remediation process. SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike has the training and equipment to remediate mold in your home.

When the flood gates open...

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage When the flood gates open... Residential water loss September 2018

and the water comes rushing in, it can seep into carpet, flooring, baseboards, walls and places you can not see.  That’s when you need to call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike! Timing is everything and failure to act immediately may make the contents unsalvageable and extensive demolition unavoidable.  Fixing the source of what has caused the loss is crucial.  It is important to work with a certified restoration service provider like SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike.  Our team of trained professionals will quickly respond to assess the damage and begin the mitigation process to stop further loss.  SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike may utilize specific water meters (either penetrating or non-penetrating), air scrubbers, industrial extraction equipment, commercial air movers and low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers.  This specialized mitigation process is important because leaving excess moisture could promote mold growth, which could be hazardous to your or someone else’s health.

Call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike at (216)464-4498, where we  specialize in Water, Fire, Storm and Mold damage restoration and bring your property back to its preloss state…

 “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Loss in Cleveland Ohio

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

An office building with various tenants located in Downtown Cleveland recently experienced the devastation of a Category 3 floor drain backup.  It is often a building owner’s responsibility to clean up after this type of loss.  Being an emergency 24/7 service our trained, certified and professional technicians here at SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike; were on site promptly.  Our team immediately contained the situation, cleaned and sanitized the affected areas, handled all necessary contents, and began the drying process.  We are here to alleviate that stress and restore your home or business back to the way it once was prior to damage; “Like it never even happened.”

We service both commercial and residential damages.  

Contact SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike; we can always be reached at 216-464-4498 

Commercial Water Loss

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

After the July 4th holiday, we received a call for a commercial water loss after hours.  Roughly 15,000 sq. foot of a commercial property had been flooded due to a severe weather storm. Affected areas included offices, restrooms, storage spaces and public use space.

We quickly completed our mitigation services which included extraction, cleaning, sanitizing of all affected surface areas and placement of our commercial drying equipment.  The property quickly was able to resume normal business functions in a safe and flood free building.

Our job is to help customers restore business back to normal after a catastrophe. Please call us at any time if you or someone you know is in need of our help. 

Contact SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike; we can always be reached at 216-464-4498

Mold Damage In Your Northeast Ohio Residence

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

Microbial life exists all over the world, including our homes in eastside suburbs. The type of environment that we need to live comfortably helps keep these microbes from growing out of control and harming our homes.

In a home in the Cleveland area, only a few variations can get conditions that cause mold damage to unfold rapidly. While the microbes always exist, it is nearly always the presence of moisture that creates this situation to plague a homeowner. The microbes merely need moisture to activate them to begin feeding on the already-present food supply found in your home's drywall, plaster, and wood components. Even the dust in your carpeting can supply mold and other microbes with substantial amounts of food.

A few actively growing microbes do not do much by themselves. However, these microbes rapidly reproduce by producing spores. These spores do not stay close to their place of origin. Instead, they end up thrust into the air and then carried to the same locations that air currents also carry excess moisture. This situation is what causes mold damage to become such a widespread problem in many homes so quickly.

At SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike, we train our technicians in how to both rapidly and effectively perform mold damage remediation services. These methods protect both our workers and your home in unaffected areas while efficiently ridding your home of an infestation.

We are also expert at keeping costs as low as possible by cleaning mold growth away from materials that have otherwise avoided exposure. Not everything in an area affected by mold damage requires removal, disposal, and replacement. Restoring damage and then preventing regrowth often suffices just as effectively while cutting the replacement costs out of the equation. At SERVPRO, we want to make things “Like it never even happened.” as inexpensively as possible for our customers while still ensuring their homes no longer contain excessive microbial populations.

We do this by clearing the air of microbes and spores, so they no longer can settle throughout your home and start new colonies. We also ensure that any sources of unwanted water or moisture no longer pose a threat to your home's interior. These and other measures help us succeed in eliminating current mold damage from your residence and prevent it from returning.

Contact SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike; we can always be reached at 216-464-4498 to help our neighbors with mold damage remediation. We’re here to help!

Mold Myths and Facts

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to mold, there are many misconceptions that leave homeowners confused and misinformed. Just by mentioning the word “mold” causes people to panic. Although mold can be a very serious problem and should always be handled with proper precautions, it is critical to have all the correct facts, so you can make informed decisions when necessary.

Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about mold:

  • “Bleach kills mold” 

Bleach is able to kill certain types of mold on nonporous surfaces, but it is uncertain on whether or not it can kill all types of mold on every surface. Most of the retail products out there only discolor the mold and are not suggested for porous surfaces for example, drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, and wood, all of which are common materials affected by mold.

  • “Mold is only found in homes with water damage”

It is true that mold generally forms in any areas that have problems of water seepage or flooding but unfortunately all homes could potentially wind up with a mold problem. Molds and mildews are present both indoors and outdoors, and when mold spores land on a surface that contains moisture, that mold can begin to grow.

  • “You don’t have to remove mold if you kill it”

Even if you are able to kill the mold, there are allergens that live in mold that are still active. These allergens can even become airborne even if the mold is dead. Mold can also go dormant until conditions in the environment are optimal for regrowth. To protect yourself and your home, it is necessary to remove the affected area and remove the items that contain mold. You need to be cautious not to spread the mold spores to unaffected areas. SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike are professionals and are properly trained to handle mold allergens without further contaminating your home.

  • “A small amount of visible mold is nothing to worry about”

While there is always some mold everywhere, sometimes small amounts of visible mold in your home may just be the tip of the iceberg. Chances are it has been growing for some time now and requires a knowledgeable mold professional to further assess the situation.

  • “Mold Remediation is easy to do on your own”

That is not always the case. When it comes to very small areas affected by mold, sometimes it can be handled easily. But when the problem becomes pervasive, it is best to call the professionals to ensure it is truly resolved and does not continue to affect your home and family’s health.

For more information about mold, check out this link from the Center for Disease Control.

If you think there might be mold in your home, give SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike a call at 216-464-4498. Here to help!

Fireworks Can Lead to Fires!

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

With the Fourth of July approaching this week, young and old are excited for their local fireworks displays around northeastern Ohio. National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), reports that an average of 15,600 fires per year are caused by fireworks. These include 1,400 structure fires, 200 vehicle fires, and 14,000 outside and other fires. Property damage, injury and even death are caused by these fires each year.  More than a quarter of fires reported, occurred on July Fourth. More than one-third (35%) of the people seen in emergency rooms for fireworks injuries from June 20-July 20 at the time of this study were under 15 years old; nine percent were under five years old. Even something seemingly tame like sparklers alone accounted for more than one one-quarter (28%) of the emergency room fireworks injuries seen from June 20-July 20 at the time of this study. Keep your family safe by enjoying fireworks presented by your local communities. 

Studies show that there is more property damage on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Check with your home owner’s insurance company on your coverage relating to fireworks. If you are involved in illegal fireworks you may not be covered. This could be a costly celebration!

If you do have a fire property loss, SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike has professionally trained production teams that can quickly respond to your fire loss. We will send an estimator to your home to evaluate the loss and supply you with an itemized estimate for fire restoration and repairs needed in your home. If your damage is severe, SERVPRO can pack up your contents and store them until your home repairs are completed. SERVPRO will clean all cleanable structure and remove any structure that is not salvageable. Our trained construction department can replace any damaged structure.

Be safe and have fun this Fourth of July!

Call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike at 216.464.4498 if you experience a fire loss. We’re here to help!

How To Stay Safe In The Summer Heat

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

It’s summer in Northeast Ohio – FINALLY! And that means we want to be outside, soaking up the sun as much as possible before we blink and it’s winter again!

With longer days, we can expect hotter temperatures as well, and that can get dangerous if you are not paying close attention. Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself and loved ones safe this summer:

  • NEVER leave a child or pet inside a hot car. Even with the windows cracked, temperatures can get well above 120 degrees inside the vehicle when the outdoor temperature is only 75 degrees.
  • Drink a LOT of water! You must stay hydrated and avoid drinks with caffeine and alcohol because those can quickly dehydrate you.
  • Try wearing light colored and loose-fitting clothing that will allow your skin to “breathe”. Dark colors can absorb sunlight and make you feel much hotter.
  • Beware of the hottest part of the day which is typically from 3 pm to 5 pm when the sun’s rays reach the earth the strongest. Try to take frequent breaks from outdoor activities during those times.
  • If you must work outdoors, make sure you are not alone. It is always better to have a buddy with you to remind one another to take breaks and hydrate in the shade.
  • Check on neighbors, friends, and relatives who live alone and may not have air conditioning. Make sure they are drinking plenty of fluids and staying as cool as possible
  • If someone does not have air conditioning, encourage them to seek out relief during the hottest part of the day in places like the library, movie theater, mall, etc.

Heat Exhaustion is real and can be dangerous. If someone is showing symptoms of heat exhaustion such as cool, damp, pale or flushed skin, sweating heavily, headache, nausea, dizziness, physical weakness, etc. it is important to move them to a cooler place right away and work on getting them cooler as quickly as possible. Use a fan, remove heavy clothing, apply cool, wet towels to the skin, give small amounts of cool water to drink, and monitor them closely. If the person worsens in any way, call 9-1-1 right away.

Heat Stroke can be life threatening. Signs include hot, red skin, going in and out of consciousness, vomiting, and high body temperature. Move the person to a cooler place and call 9-1-1 immediately. Douse the person with cold water, wet towels, or even bags of ice.

Remember – the summer is supposed to be fun in the sun! Keep yourself and everyone around safe by staying aware and knowing the signs of something dangerous. Have a great summer, and call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike 216-464-4498 We’re here to help!

Why Hire a Green Cleaning Company?

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

It may seem like a luxury to hire a house cleaner, but sometimes you need that extra deep clean, especially after a home remodeling project or for a home that has been vacant for a while. When you need all the window framing, baseboards, and even the insides and outsides of cabinets scrubbed, why not consider hiring a green cleaning professional. In addition to getting your home the deep clean you seek, you’re also doing your part to be environmentally responsible and take care of the earth. Read on to find out the benefits of hiring a house cleaner that’s planet-friendly and how it’s actually easy to be green.

  1. Green Cleaning Is Safer for Your Family and Pets

Certainly there are times when one needs to disinfect an area (like on surfaces that have had contact with raw meat or when someone has a contagious illness), but the chemicals in disinfectants can trigger asthma, allergies, and create other health issues. Exposure to living bacteria is actually good for us and according to some research may actually strengthen immune systems. For the most part, when you clean with products that don’t contain toxins, pollutants, or suspected carcinogens such as VOCs, solvents, chlorine, ammonia, sulfates, or irritating dyes and perfumes, you’re making sure your children and pets are living and thriving in a healthy and safe environment.

  1. Green Products Are Better for Your Health

Most common household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can have an adverse effect on your health, which is why the biggest advantage giving your home an eco-friendly cleaning is that everything will be cleaned with all-natural products. There are tons of household cleaners that can keep your home fresh and clean that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources. It is true, however that sometimes it can take a little more time and elbow grease to get green products to work because they are typically gentler and less abrasive than chemical products. Chemicals may make cleaning easier, but they don’t make it any better.

  1. Green Cleaning Companies Provide the Products

In order to ensure your home is being cleaned with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products, most green cleaners provide all of the cleaning equipment and products, though they will use your products if you specifically request. SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike is happy to provide a data sheet about the products we use in your home.

  1. Green Cleaning Companies Are Committed to Being Green in All Areas

While using green house cleaning products is a huge part of taking care of the earth, SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike knows it goes further than just that and make an effort to save water, reuse bottles, reduce waste, and implement sustainable business practices.

  1. Green Cleaning Is Also Safer for the People Doing the Cleaning

A sustainable cleaning philosophy means that our crew members are not exposed to toxic chemicals that could adversely affect their health. We like to take great care of all our employees, so they can take great care of you!

Call SERVPRO of South Euclid/Lyndhurst/Pepper Pike today to have us make your home Green Clean! 216-464-4498